Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can A Tenant Run A Business From Home Can A Tenant Use A Rental Home For A Business?

Can a tenant use a rental home for a business? - can a tenant run a business from home

Hello. I have a tenant who told me they would advertise your business. They did not vote and run off the business from home.

Your company is so that someone for a service to get a property. I'm not going for anything that happens as a result of this transaction, responsible if you do not want this business run away from home.

This is due to the lease:
The tenant must use the house for residential purposes intended.

I do not know if people went to the home-based business, but you do not know who must perform from home (I saw this and told me). I have a copy of your e-l'affaire business, which is the address of the house. They told me that theyYour company email sent there.

I also misleading because they said they would have a separate area for the company.

We have made a difference in Oregon if the does.

Thank you!


acermill said...

You need to cut this mess in the bud quickly. If you are still allowed, you may be liable for injuries from one of his clients. You can also, in violation of the right to be living zones, so that these activities continue.

Your insurance does not cover damage if they determine that the premises be used for commercial purposes.

Write a professional letter of the tenants now with a copy of the contract, which states that the premises are for residential purposes, and send it by registered letter with return receipt. Give them one weeks to adjust their operations and have been physically harmed is. If they fail to initiate eviction proceedings on the breach of lease-basisContract.

Wildcat said...

No, this is not allowed. It is illegal to run a business out of a lease of housing. It is against the building code.

Send a letter if they continue to be reported this illegal activity.

Thomas said...

No, not if you have a rededication. Only the owner can modify a request. If you notify the board of zoning close to their offices.

Trouble said...

You can not run a business out of the house of your lease.


chrissyt... said...

I taught in Wisconsin, is a tenant in May running a business in the object, provided that the consent of the owner. The landlord may require the tenant that he can from car insurance / liability policy to cover customers in the event of injury and must be the owner of a waiver, which is to be legally responsible to the owner releases to cover any liability claims Sign in May come as visitors or customers. You can also aware of a great sign for the people that the owner is not liable for any damages, claims made ..... I h ope this helps .. The thing is that a tenant's liability policy can be very expensive and often can not decide on the price for a house to pay with business. PleaseThe company wants to be on the lease, intended for residential use only. In addition to the company a home where the customer area where they reside on the territory of the zones should be business or even if in a residential area. Check the laws or regulations in your area in the town hall or at home zoning judicial functions. Hope this helps!

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